About  Hannah Hollister Ingmire: Artist and Teacher

Both as a teacher and an artist, I believe that creativity exists in us all. We each learn from constantly observing and sharing what we have learned with others. We're not afraid to experiment because that's how we grow. Art keeps our brains active and brings a unique joy and peace one can only understand if one does it.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have weekly lessons from a dear friend, art professor Fritzy Morrison A.W.S. I later earned a B.F.A. at Grinnell College, and  completed graduate study in painting at the University of Iowa and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. Since then, I have exhibited and won awards in many states. 

I paint almost every day. First I exhibited very detailed large watercolors. Color and texture fascinate me the most. I love to create scenes that feel beautiful and peaceful to me by painting from my imagination while experimenting with mixed mediums.

Teaching is my great joy. Making art can be a solitary thing and it's important for artists to get together and share ideas. My classes are only 3 to 5 people (any level of experience) so that I can have time for everyone and teach each person uniquely in whatever mediums they want to do.

I teach consistently through out the year and take occasional breaks. Each class is $25 for a two hour session. I request my students commit to a minimum of 6 classes for a total fee of $150. They have a choice of class to be held on  either Wednesday or Friday based on space available.  Since I provide all materials except canvasses at the beginning, my students can experiment with many different mediums before investing in their own. The Wednesday class is 10AM to 12NOON and the Friday class is 1PM to 3PM. I also teach private lessons for $50 for each 2 hour session. Young adults age 10 to 15  meet Saturdays from 10AM to 12NOON same price, class, and session lengths.

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